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Let’s not beat around the bush!

Most online forms of advertising are too expensive. They fall into the trap of thinking that this type of advertising will also be sustainably affordable. However, we can confirm it from our experience: online advertising is NOT sustainable!

Efficient advertising

ONLINE Marketing

Your efficient form of advertising?

Online advertising is often said to be particularly efficient. Do you only pay for one click? In the vast majority of cases, however, advertising with Adwords & Co is quite inefficient. We have proved this by aiming for a really efficient design and then comparing the results.

Inaccurate Targeting
Inaccurate Target Definitions
No A/B tests

Let’s talk about efficiency

If you can draw at least twice as much with half the deal. “Then how much will you save?”


Efficiency starts where you can clearly describe the goals of action.


Landing pages that do not appear in the organic search are 35% more expensive to advertise!

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Only with A/B tests can you prove the effect of creatives. Therefore, this is always part of it!

Visibility does not matter.

How many times someone has seen your ad does not matter. How much do you have sales through how much advertising?

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